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Highlight Attributes and Benefits

We design and manufacture wire seals that offer numerous attributes:

  • Offers equally higher tamper evidence features, preventing possible attacks.
  • Provides fast and easy sealing.
  • Extremely flexible in different uses.
  • One edge of the wire is permanently secured to the locking body.
  • Ease of identification from a far distance.
  • Unreplaceable security markings and labels.
  • Sturdy physical structure.

Lindas Wire Seals

Lindas wire seals are designed featuring unique locking mechanisms and wire structures. This versatile barrier seal gives the advantage of providing unmatched security to your valuable products and objects. Using high-quality materials, we made these seals distinct and unduplicated, that possess strong performance qualities, long-lasting durability, and endurance. In general, this accessory gives the most inexpensive solution for protecting your products against theft, loss, unauthorized access, tampering, and contamination.

In China, Lindas offers the most affordable wire seals and customization solutions. We professionally manufacture them in diverse specification options intended for your business or project needs. Let us know your detailed design and we will take care of the rest of the process. 

For further information about our range of security products and services, visit our page or else, you can give us a message or a call.

Why Choose Lindas

Lindas is a China-based company that has reliable experience and expertise in wire seal manufacturing. Together with our trusted and committed team, we always aim to provide you with unique innovation and development of our sealing products. Utilizing our advanced equipment, allows us to produce larger product quantities in diverse configurations and specifications. 

So if you want to own top-performance and quality wire seals that fit within your budget, try considering the potential of our wire seals.

Why Choose Lindas

Lindas Customization Solution and Services

Lindas offers a wide variety of custom-made wire seals.

We can create different seals from your own artwork and design ideas. Everything is processed in the shortest lead time. 

In customizing your wire seals, Lindas provides you with different possible options:

  • Diverse colors and styles
  • Diameter and length measures
  • Elevates your wire seal features by adding personalized logos, markings/labels, barcodes, or serial numbers.
  • Additional notes.
  • Emphasizing warning information.
  • Creating user guides and instructions.

Please allow us to know more about your customization requests.

If you need assistance in customizing, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team anytime.

Wire Seals Standard Applications

The wire seals are made, which is very helpful for the following applications:

  • Transport Industry (rail, road, sea, air)
  • Warehousing Facility
  • Utilities
  • Measurement and Control Units
  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Storage/Inventory
  • Healthcare and Pharma Industry
  • Medical
  • Mining Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Transit Cash Banking
  • Chemical and vessel containers, etc.

Sealing Procedures

When inserting a wire seal, additional supporting tools are not necessary.

All you need to do is simply pass the wire seal through two holes in the plastic body.

Then, by hand, press the plunger until it clicks. That makes the unit perfectly sealed in no time.

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