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Lindas manufactures V-ring, a unique type of sealing accessory that is proven reliable as well as effective defense against ingress of water, dirt, dust, oil splash, dry or wet contaminants and other elements. It is entirely rubber-made that possesses superior flexibility, elasticity, and durability. In addition, our V-rings work very excellently on their own performance potential. They serves as an inexpensive solution for extending the service life of your rotating shafts.

  • Has long flexible lip
  • Guarantees ease of installation
  • Good chemical, wear, and tear resistance
  • Reduces maintenance costs

Your Qualified V-rings Manufacturer in China -Lindas

Lindas is recognized as one of the most qualified manufacturer firms in China. Over decades of operations, we remain focused on developing and innovating rubber seal solutions that work in a variety of seling environments. 

We adopt state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and uphold the most advanced management concept that gives a huge benefit to achieve continuous improvement especially in serving local and international customers with quality-secured products. 

As a reputable company, we ensure that our quality assurance system conforms to the highest ISO9001 certifications and standards. All V-rings are customizable in any size, composition style, or materials designed in accordance to your particular needs. Thousands of different products are available for your choice.

For your further questions, consultations or inquiries, allow us to know by giving us messages or calls.

Key Advantages of V-rings

  • Simple mounting
  • Variable usage
  • Minor axial motions should be compensated
  • Suitable for a range of industrial applications
  • Less running friction and a longer lifespan are produced by increasing speed.
  • Low standards for the state of the counter’s surface
Key Advantages of V-rings

A range of our V-rings are produced using the following materials:

Chloroprene NEOP Suitable for applications where there is a high presence of ozone.
Ethylene Propylene EPDM Has Good resistance to weather and ozone.
Fluorinated VITON (FKM) Has very high resistance to temperature and chemicals.
Hydrogenated Nitrile HNBR Hypoid oils at a higher temperature.
Silicone Rubber SILICONE Has excellent resistance (heat, cold, ozone, and atmospheric aging).

Posses good electrical insulation qualities.

Nitrile NBR For general use.

Ozone resistance.

Low friction.

Selecting the Proper V-rings

From the Four Types

VA: Consistent structure. 

VL: Slim profile. 

VE: For larger diameters.

This kind of seal has demonstrated reliability and effectiveness against media such as splashes of water, oil, and dust.

VS: Having a beveled back and an enhanced stiffening body element. 


V-ring seals are simple to install because they are constructed entirely of rubber. 

They can be stretched across flanges and other assemblies depending on size because they have little friction and are adequately elastic.

V-ring Structural

Consists of:

  • Seal body
  • Flexible conical-shaped sealing lip
  • Resilient and integral hinge

Main Functions 

Lindas V-rings are flexible enough to suit different purposes:

  • V-ring as excluder
  • V-ring acting as a grease valve
  • V-ring as single or multiple seals
  • V-ring as labyrinth seal

V-rings Installation Procedure

Proper and professional installation is another factor that affects the performance and efficiency of your mechanical parts. In that case, here is the following general installation guide on how to properly install V-rings:

  • Make sure to clean the V-ring, shaft, and counterface.
  • The shaft must be dry and grease- or oil-free, especially in possible scenarios in installing a V-ring without any axial supports.
  • Using a thin film with grease or oil, lubricate the V-rings’ lip.
  • In some cases where minimum friction reduction is the concern, it is suggested to coat the counter face with a low-friction agent. 
  • Through the uniform stretch, scrutinize the installed V-ring throughout the shaft.
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