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Test Plug

Lindas test plugs are designed for optimal sealing with zero leakage in piping systems. Our test plugs come in different sizes such as the 1-inch test plug, 2-inch test plug, or any custom sizes depending on the piping cross-section.

Although Lindas test plugs are 100% pure rubber, for certain applications, you may choose our reinforced test plugs. Lindas reinforced test plugs can withstand high pressure and remain dimensionally stable. Furthermore, our rubber test plugs have nuts or metal handles for easy installation and uninstallation.

Why Choose Lindas Rubber Test Plugs

Trusted by 100s of customers globally, Lindas remains you’re the premier rubber test plug manufacturer in China. Our test plugs are designed to withstand high pressure and fluctuating temperatures during most testing processes. They effectively stop fluid, ensuring no leakages.

Advantages of Lindas Test Plugs

Our rubber test plugs offer many benefits such as;

  • Easy handling due to the wing nuts or handle
  • Corrosion-free performance
  • Handle varying pressure depending on design configuration
  • Mechanically and dimensionally stable
  • Available in many material options such as EPDM, silicone, NBR, or natural rubber among others.

Test Plugs Uses

During testing in pipe systems, you may require a proper sealing mechanism. That is where Lindas rubber test plugs come in. The test plugs mechanically fit on the pipe end ensuring no leakages and tight sealing.

Our plugs have been tested to meet pure water, drain waste, and other chemical systems. They are suitable for both plastic and metal pipes. We may also include threads depending on the critical situations at hand.

Additionally, our innovative solutions in the expansion test plugs also offer safe and reliable performance.

Lindas is your trusted test plug manufacturer in China with years of experience in the industry. Contact us today for competitive prices and high-quality rubber test plugs.

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