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  • Silicone O-Ring

Silicone O-Ring

The silicone-made O-rings, as the name hints, have an O-shape appearance. However, sometimes they are designed with cross-parts, like L or T-structure. These O-rings work well in static and dynamic usages, tightly sealing the fluid and gas elements. Additionally, they come with the following features.

  • High-temperature resistance
  • Withstand high compression
  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Outstanding water sealing
  • UV resistant
  • Protected from fungal strikes
  • Good electrical insulator

Lindas Silicone O-ring Customization Services

Lindas has an extended capacity for customizing various silicone O-rings. We can produce your requested O-ring softness using our injection moldings with about 10 to 70 Shore A range. Additionally, we have compression molds that form O-rings with accurate electrical conductivity. Aside from that, numerous testing machines are used to determine silicons’ temperature capacity, flexibility, and more.

Our team produces suitable designs, like flat or hollow, depending on your applications. We can also customize their thicknesses and logos for your business. Please send us your silicone O-ring samples or details, and trust our expertise. 

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How It Functions

The silicone-made O-rings excellently seal even at high pressure. That is due to their being active and compressed when in heavy load. 

The pressurized O-ring will deform in grooves. And the deformity happens in the middle of smooth and flat areas. Then, the O-ring is forced inside the gland barriers and sealed connection.

As the O-ring is being compressed, it produces seal energy and mechanical walls. These walls will block the fluid from entering. In this situation, silicone-made O-rings are more ideal than using flat gaskets.

How It Functions

Silicone O-Ring: Preferred Conditions

The silicone-made O-rings work well in the following environment or conditions.

  • Diluted salt solution
  • Dry heat
  • Different weather condition
  • With Ozone environment
  • Engine and other mineral oils

Regulatory Standards

Lindas possessed unmatched compounds and manufacturing techniques. And that allows us to produce custom silicone O-rings that adhere to regulatory measures, including those below.

  • Class VI
  • Mil-Spec
  • FDA
  • 3/A
  • UL
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