• Sanitary Gasket
  • Sanitary Gasket
  • Sanitary Gasket
  • Sanitary Gasket
  • Sanitary Gasket
  • Sanitary Gasket
  • Sanitary Gasket
  • Sanitary Gasket
  • Sanitary Gasket
  • Sanitary Gasket

Sanitary Gasket Manufacturer

Lindas sanitary gasket or hygienic seal is a specialty gasket whose material formulation and manufacturing meet the highest quality control standards for safety and hygiene. This hygiene gasket must prevent possible contamination while complying with regulatory standards such as:

  • FDA approval
  • USP Class VI
  • 3-A Sanitary Standards
  • 21 CFR 210?

We also work with third-party testing organizations such as SGS, to ensure all our sanitary gaskets meet required safety standards.

Where to Use Hygienic Gaskets

Our hygienic gaskets are suitable for food processing, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, hotels, biotechnology industry, and chemical industries where zero contamination is a requirement.

Lindas Sanitary Gasket Material Selection

Lindas in-house tooling and design give us the flexibility to handle all types of sanitary gasket material. We offer silicone sanitary gaskets, EPDM sanitary gaskets, PTFE sanitary gaskets, and nitrile sanitary tri-clamp gaskets.

All these materials for sanitary seals have varying properties. As experienced sanitary gasket manufacturers in China, simply tell us your application’s requirements and Lindas team will help you choose the perfect material.

Sanitary Gaskets

Sanitary Gasket

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Lindas Capability in Hygiene Gasket Manufacturing

With years of OEM sanitary gasket, Lindas guarantees non-toxic, inert, and chemically compatible gaskets that offer optimal sealing with zero leakage. At Lindas, we offer endless possibilities in specialty gasket manufacturing such as:

  • High-temperature sanitary gasket
  • Different sizes of hygiene gaskets
  • Metal-detectable sanitary gaskets
  • Perforated sanitary gaskets

All these hygiene gaskets come in different shapes and sizes. You can contact our sales team for a complete sanitary gasket size chart. Our product portfolio includes many types of sanitary gaskets including the tri-clamp sanitary gasket.

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