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Rubber valves are among the components manufactured in different sizes and shapes. They are designed for multi-purposes, including blocking media flows. These valves are typically connected to hoses, tubes, pipes, or other systems. Moreover, rubber valves are produced with open and closed operation, allowing the material to flow or stop.

Lindas expertly produces various rubber-made valves that come with different functions. You can request their sizes, shapes, and types according to your utilization. Our skilled team members are also willing to discuss the proper installation and maintenance of valves. That allows effective marketing of rubber valves to your end-customers.

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Rubber Check Valves
Rubber Check Valves

The rubber check valves help prevent backflows. They achieve one-way fluid flow consistency. These valves open according to flow pressure and close automatically.

Rubber Umbrella Valves

Rubber Umbrella valves can let the fluid pass freely in one direction and prevent the reverse flow of the fluid, which are suitable for working environment with high functional and precision requirements. Rubber Umbrella valves do not need multi-component cooperation, and the installation is very simple, cost-effective option.

Rubber Integrated Valves

Rubber Integrated Valves are composed of duckbill valve and umbrella valve which are normally closed in the opposite direction. This design replaces two valves with one valve. When your product needs fluid control in two directions and the installation space is very limited, the rubber integrated valve is a good choice.

Rubber Duckbill Valve
Rubber Duckbill Valve

Rubber duckbill valves can make the fluid pass freely when the positive pressure is different, and the valve port will be closed when the negative pressure is different to prevent the backflow from passing. Light weight, small space,simple installation,durable and fewer maintenance features.

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Advantageous Features

Rubber valve is an in-demand component for many uses due to their featured qualities. They have certain advantages when utilized, such as;

  • Noise suppression
  • Anti-vibration 
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Heavy-duty
  • Supports angular and lateral motion
  • It contains properties that prevent corrosion
  • Accommodates elongation and axial compression
  • Biocompatibility, conform to Rohs, Reach, Pahs and FDA.

Different Functions

The rubber-made valves are one of the industrial elements that regulate, manage, or control various fluid types. That includes slurries, liquids, gases, and more. Depending on valve style, they have opening, enclosing, or semi-blocking functions. Since they are made from rubber, these valves have specialized capabilities for the following purposes.

  • Oil filters
  • Electrical connectors
  • Respirators
  • Air system
  • Diffusers
  • Drinking Water
  • Food processors
  • Medical instruments

Quality Control Procedure

Rubber valves undergo several quality controls to ensure the best product. They step-by-step went through the following stages.

Stage 1

All valves undergo appearance inspection to confirm there is no defect or damage.

Stage 2

Dimension and hardness checking to confirm valves are made as specification.

Stage 3

Air and liquid flowing, aging, lifetime and chemical resistance testing for quality control.

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