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The rubber seals are designed to meet the requirements of various industries. It is used to prevent leakages such as water leakage and wind leakage that cause any problem in a vehicle, equipment,  and more. These seals are made from high-grade materials, that help to provide a great sealing property and can work even for a long period of time.

We are a trusted supplier of rubber seals for various industries globally.With more than 20 years experience in this field, Lindas rest assures to provide you with excellent quality because we carry out international quality control systems such as ISO, IATF16949, etc. Through the help of our professional team, we can fully customize rubber seals in order to meet your needs at reasonable price.

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Liquid Silicone Rubber Seals
Liquid Silicone Rubber Seals

The liquid silicone rubber seal is widely used in healthcare, medical, electronic and automotive industries. These types of seals provide great thermal stability, high transparency, flexibility, and are easily colored.

Mechanical Seals
Mechanical Seals

Our mechanical seal is a device which designed to seal the exit and entry of the rotating shaft. It can help to prevent leakage or any problem that could possibly happen. It is the seal that can work at high pressures.

Medical Rubber Seals
Medical Rubber Seals

Lindas provide medical rubber seals that are an effective solution for medical applications. It is highly resistant to toxins, harmful chemicals, high temperatures, and other environmental problems.

Automotive Rubber Seals
Automotive Rubber Seals

Our automotive rubber seals are ideal to use for any vehicle. It helps to prevent any leakage that possibly happens in automotive components. This is useful to make the engine run smoothly.

Hydraulic Seal
Hydraulic Seal

Hydraulic seals are widely used for any hydraulic cylinders to seal fluid. Its main function is to ensure that the fluid cannot leak within the cylinders. It is mostly available in backup rings, o-rings, piston seals, U-seals, and other types.

Rubber Oil Seal
Rubber Oil Seal

Lindas rubber oil seal is available in circular design which the outer is made from metal then the inner part is made of rubbers.  It is widely used for oil support in rotary shaft operations. It is also mostly found in the telescopic fork of a motorcycle.

Rubber Seal for Aluminium Door
Rubber Seal for Aluminium Door

The rubber seals for aluminum doors are designed to add elegant looks, add decorations, and be better soundproof. It is available in various colors such as black, orange, red, white, blue, green, and so much more.

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Why Choose Lindas Rubber Seals

Reduce Impact
Reduce Impact

It helps to reduce any impact that happens in an engine, in closing doors or windows can help to avoid noise and effects that would happen.

Noise Reductions

Our rubber seals also act as sound insulators. It can help to reduce noise coming from any elements outside or inside.


It offers a highly flexible mounting solution to use in different fields whether commercial, industrial, or many more.

High Quality

Lindas always assure that our rubber seals are made from different rubber materials in order to give you a better performance.

Rubber Door Seals Options

We have different types of rubber seals to offer that are available in the market today. Our most common seals are the following below:

  • T-shaped Rubber Seals. It is the famous type of our rubber seals due to this being easy to install. Aside from this are perfect to seal weather and noise problems.
  • U-shaped Rubber Seals. There is also popular in sealing application but is a little bit hard to install compared to T-shaped.
  • V-shaped Rubber Seals. Among the two, these seals are not popular due it not commonly useful in some applications but they still completely fill the gap around doors and windows, and seal dust and water.
Rubber Seals
Benefits of Using Rubber Seals

Benefits of Using Rubber Seals

There are a lot of benefits when you use our quality rubber seals. Below are some of them:

  • Excellent wear and tear resistance
  • High versatile to use in various sealing applications
  • Can stand in harsh environments
  • Can be exposed to any chemicals
  • Resistance to corrosions
  • Suitable in pneumatic and pressurized system
  • Highly durable and strong
  • Can resist water, UV, oils, etc.

Rubber Seals for Various Industrial Applications

Our rubber seals are widely used in different industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive industry
  • Food industry
  • Structural industry
  • Constructions
  • Residential
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Food, water, beverage and so much more.
Rubber Seals
Wide Range of Materials

Our seals are made from an extensive range of materials such as:

  • EPDM
  • Nitrile
  • Silicone
  • Flurosilicone
  • Neoprene
  • SBR
  • Polyurethane
  • Natural Rubber
  • FKM
  • Foam rubber and so on.
Factors to consider when choosing our rubber seals

There are many essential factors to consider when choosing our rubber seals. It is very important just to make sure, this meets your specific requirements.

  • Cost of rubber seals
  • Pressure capacity
  • Temperature range
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Environmental impact
  • Its life span and performance
  • Size and shapes just to fit your needs

If you consider that all, we rest assured that it is perfectly exact on what you needed.

How to install rubber seals?

For example, when you use it in your homes, we have different processes on how you install this just to prevent any problems. Below is the installation process you need to do:

First, remove old seals by using a knife or screwdriver

Second, apply adhesive on every edge of the seals

Place it in a proper position whether you use it indoors

4th, Use a woodblock, or hammer to tap the door until the seals press perfectly to their exact place.

Lastly, check and make sure that the seal is perfectly installed to avoid any problems.


One Stop Rubber Product Manufacturing

  • Good and steady material supply chain both at home and abroad
  • Self-developed rubber compounds due to customer demands
  • Automatic rubber milling system to ensure steady quality control
  • Rubber Compression & injection,LSR Injection, extrusion capability available
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