• Rubber Seal for Aluminium Door
  • Rubber Seal for Aluminium Door
  • Rubber Seal for Aluminium Door
  • Rubber Seal for Aluminium Door
  • Rubber Seal for Aluminum Door
  • Rubber Seal for Aluminium Door
  • Rubber Seal for Aluminium Door
  • Rubber Seal for Aluminium Door
  • Rubber Seal for Aluminium Door
  • Rubber Seal for Aluminum Door

Rubber Seal for Aluminum Door

Rubber seal for aluminum door closes the gap between the door and uneven floor. It also enhances the door’s insulating properties. They stop debris, water, snow, and leaves from blowing below the door. Additionally, rubber seals lessen the lessen outside and inside noise.

Material options: EPDM, TPE, PVC, etc

Available colors: white, red, blue, black, and so on.

Sizes: 1.5mm to 50mm, can be cut to size

Your Trusted Rubber Seal for Aluminum Door Manufacturer

Lindas focuses on the production of aluminum rubber door seals for many years. These seals are highly recognized due to their excellent weather resistance. It has the endurance to face extreme cold, humidity, heat, and, dryness.We follow international parameters and standards to manufacture door rubber seals. Lindas assures to provide you with excellent quality because we carry out international quality control systems such as ISO/IATF16949, etc.

Moreover, we can customize aluminum rubber door seals to desired shapes, materials, and sizes. Lindas can provide completely unique solutions for your particular needs. You can send us your sketch, drawing, and design. Our team will handle the rest of the production.

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Why Choose Lindas Aluminum Rubber Door Seal

Simple and Quick to Fix – Our rubber seals are simple to fix. It will assist to maintain the room’s temperature and block dirt. Does make the home greener and energy-efficient.

Cost-Effective – With a rubber seal, the cost of heating and cooling the house will reduce. Thus, improving its efficiency and effectiveness.

Environmental-Friendly – Lindas rubber seals for the aluminum doors are safe for the environment. Non-toxic and free of pollutants.

Strong Resistance – The seals possess outstanding resistance against UV, Ozone, chemical solvent, flame, aging, shrinkage deformation, and tearing.

Rubber Seal for Aluminum Door

Advantages of Using Aluminum Rubber Door Seal

Prevents insects

Prevents airflow

Prevents dust in

Prevents light from entering

Prevents heat, cold, and drought

Reduces noise

Provide long-term protection

Rubber Seal for Door Uses 

Lindas rubber seals have a variety of applications, including automotive, medical care, shipping, shipbuilding, and other various industry.

Below are some examples of ideal door use.

  • Glass Doors
  • Garage Doors
  • Wood Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Frameless Sliding Doors
  • Shower Rooms

How to Install Rubber Gasket Aluminum Door

  1. Gauge the Door
  2. Using a standard metal cutting blade, adjust or cut the door seal to the size of the door.
  3. Screw the door seal into place.
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  • Rubber Compression & injection,LSR Injection, extrusion capability available
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