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Rubber Hammer Manufacturer

Rubber hammer or mallet is a tool used for tapping and light hammering. Commonly made of a rubber head & a metal or wooden handle. It is utilized to reduce the risk of damaging the surface of the material being worked on.

  • Low noise operation
  • Reduce vibration
  • Lightweight and cost-effective
  • Provides a firm blow without little rebound

Your Professional Rubber Hammer Manufacturer

Rubber hammers from Lindas are made from high-quality rubber such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and rubber-like substances. The rubber hammer is designed to not only be durable but also to absorb the impact of hammering. This makes them perfect for use on delicate materials like glass, metal, or wood.

Our range of rubber hammers has ergonomic features with a comfortable grip for easy handling. These provide better shock absorption & reduce the rebound of the hammerhead. It helps to protect the surface of the material being hammered.

As a professional manufacturer, we provide rubber hammers with a long-time warranty, so you can be sure that your investment will be protected. Choose the product based on your specific lengths, size, material, handle, etc.

At Lindas, we offer fast shipping & great customer service, so you can always count on us to get you the right tool for the job. Message us!

Why Choose Lindas Rubber Hammer

Lindas offers a variety of rubber hammers perfect for a variety of projects. With the variety of options available, you are sure to find the perfect hammer for your needs. Our rubber hammers offer the following advantages:

  • More cushioned and softer strike
  • Less likely to cause fatigue in the arms and shoulders.
  • Made from high-end rubber materials and lasts for years
Rubber Hammer

Rubber Hammer Applications

  • Removing nails or screws – A rubber mallet can be used to remove nails & screws without damaging either the nail head or the screw head.
  • Installing floor tiles – Our durable rubber hammer is the perfect tool for tapping ceramic or porcelain tiles into place without cracking them.
  • Trim and Moulding – A rubber hammer is great for tapping trim and molding into place without causing damage to the wood.
  • Carpet – You can use a rubber hammer for tapping the edges of carpeting into place without damaging the carpet fibers.
  • Countertops – A rubber hammer is ideal for tapping countertops into place without cracking them.
  • Fencing – You can use a rubber hammer for tapping fencing posts into place without damaging the fencing material.

Considerations in Choosing Types of Rubber Hammer

Rubber hammers are important tools for many different applications, from carpentry & construction to automotive repairs and DIY projects. When selecting a rubber hammer for a specific job, there are several factors to consider.

  1. Hammer Weight – Heavier rubber hammers are better for larger jobs & more force. While lighter hammers can be used for smaller jobs & precision work.
  2. Handle Length – The length of the handle affects the type of rubber hammer to choose. Longer handles provide more leverage, while shorter handles are better for close quarters & precision.
  3. Hammer Head Shape – A ball peen head is better for shaping & forming metal, while a claw head is better for extracting nails & other objects.
  4. Head Material – Harder rubber heads are better for heavier-duty work, while softer heads are better for delicate work.
  5. Price – Higher quality hammers cost more, but may last longer & provide better performance.
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