• Rubber Gasket for Lighting1
  • Rubber Gasket for Lighting1
  • Rubber Gasket for Lighting1
  • Rubber Gasket for Lighting1
  • Rubber Gasket for Lighting1
  • Rubber Gasket for Lighting1

Rubber Gasket for Lighting

Lindas rubber gasket for lighting is specially designed for superior compression characteristics to guarantee safe and tight sealing. We use thermally stable and heat-resistant material to withstand heat dissipation from light systems.

With up to 50% compression without damaging the LED lighting gaskets, your light assembly remains weatherproof and IP-rating compliant. At Lindas, we work closely with our clients for a guaranteed return on investment from our 100% leak-proof seals.

  • Tight sealing for outdoor lights
  • Complaint with UL 1598
  • Makes light fixture compliant with IP66 or NEMA 4

Why Choose Lindas Seals for the Lighting Industry

Lindas engineers understand how moisture and pressure imbalance can cause light failure. A reason we have designed innovative rubber gaskets for lighting fixtures. Our light mounting gaskets will increase the lifespan of your weatherproof outdoor lights. Lindas team will help you in the material selection process for light fixture gaskets.

Function of Rubber Gasket for Lighting

Whether you are working with solid state or LED lights, Lindas seals for the lighting industry increase the service lifespan of your lights. We have designed these light fixture gaskets to:

  • Ensure pressure balance between the inside and outside environment around the light fixture
  • Blocks water, moisture, or dirty from entering the lighting fixture
  • Helps in IP compliance for outdoor lighting
  • Can absorb shock
  • Increase light bulb service lifespan

Our light rubber gaskets are made from flame-retardant material to prevent possible combustion. Upon request, we can supply you with thermal pads to prevent heat buildup.

Rubber Gasket for Lighting

Applications of Lindas Rubber Gasket

Lindas rubber gaskets play an integral role in the lighting industry. We work with your team to ensure you get value for your money.

There are many ways you can implement our rubber gasket for lighting systems such as:

Flood Light Gaskets for Safety

Assembling flood light fixtures requires tight sealing for safety and protection. Upon request, you can get silicone gaskets with graphite which can help in heat dissipation while guaranteeing effective sealing. Lindas is among the pioneers of thermally conductive rubber gaskets.

Protecting Lighting Systems

Light lens gaskets or pool light gaskets provide effective protection from moisture which can be very destructive. Even when installing the lamp holders, they should be watertight. A reason Lindas offers external lamp holder gaskets designed to customer’s specifications.

Depending on your unique requirements when it comes to rubber gasket for outdoor lighting needs, Lindas uniquely designs every seal for optimal performance.

Whether you need a rubber gasket for pool light, rubber gasket for recessed light, or any rubber waterproof gasket for light bulbs, Lindas never disappoints. We work together with your team for a sustainable solution for all your rubber gasket for light fixture needs. Talk to us now for a customized solution for your light industry needs.

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