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Rubber Feet

Rubber feet are those tiny components produced from rubber materials, either natural or synthetic. They are typically connected to various objects with slippery bases. These feet effectively protect the floors from furniture’s grip scratches. Additionally, rubber feet come with the following features.

  • Easy to use
  • With self-adhesive
  • Improved skid-resistant
  • Prevents stain surfaces
  • Noise and vibration resistant
  • Lasting services without cracking or hardening
  • Easy to customize
  • Impact-resistant

Lindas - Professional Rubber Feet Manufacturer

Lindas is a proficient manufacturer of various rubber-made feet. We can provide your requested colors, designs, and materials depending on your usage. You can also benefit from our comprehensive sizes options and customize size. ranging from 10mm to 2500mm or custom. You can guarantee rubber feet improved resilience and lasting service time.

Compared to others, our offered rubber-made feet are more flexible. That allows them to endure even high-pressure conditions. Aside from that, their hardness capacity ranges from 30 to 90Shore A. You can send us your requirements, and we will include them in production.

Feel free to contact our team today!

Why Choose Our Services

  • Extensive Experience: For extensive years of manufacturing rubber products, we can supply over 1000 customers worldwide.
  • Guaranteed Quality: We ensure ISO9001, and RoHS-approved rubber feet supplies. 
  • Customer Service: Our service assistants offer one-stop services for you. That includes designing, mold production, mass manufacturing, prototyping, and shipping.
  • Quick Delivery: We guarantee a five-day fastest order delivery for off-the-shelf rubber feet. However, it depends upon location or other considerations.
  • Comprehensive Variety Options: Aside from rubber-made feet, there are numerous rubber product options available, like grommets, o rings, etc.
Rubber Feet

Standard Shapes Available 

These are the most in-demand forms for typical rubber feet in various uses. 

Square Rubber Feet 

  • Custom material choice
  • Accessible in requested colors
  • Standard sizes

Cylindrical Rubber Feet 

  • Passes quality product inspection
  • Anti-vibration
  • Meets RoHS standard

 Recess Rubber Feet

  • Made-to-order sizes
  • Non-slip
  • Fixable with screws

Chair Rubber Feet 

  • ISO9001 Certified
  • 30~90 hardness shore A
  • Customizable inner size

Hemispherical Rubber Feet 

  • Eco-friendly
  • Bespoke rubber materials 
  • 3M Adhesive available

Rectangular Rubber Feet 

  • REACH approved
  • Max 90 hardness
  • Excellent water resistance 

Comprehensive Applications 

Rubber feet’s designed to improve uses for the following applications.


It enhances protection, such as anti-vibration, which resists tearing. 


The rubber feet are handy for furniture for tables, cabinets, or chairs. 

Medical Machines.

These rubbers are typically on bed frames and other medical components. 


Applied on the outside to prevent damages caused by a scratch or other damages 

Audiovisual Equipment.

The rubber feet help the equipment stay in position. 

Electronics Devices. 

Laptops, telephones, coasters, and other devices enhance with rubbers to prevent typical issues.  

Materials Classification

There are various available materials suitable for rubber feet as an alternative option. Here are some of them. 


  • Used as bumpers for appliances
  • General purpose material


  • Applied for industrial use 
  • It is a chemical-proof material 

Natural Rubber

  • Used as vibration isolators
  • Excellent abrasive resistance


  • A flexible material
  • Extremely resistant to compression 


  • Exceptional anti-tear material
  • Often optimized for vehicle application


  • Ideal for areas exposed to water
  • Among the most popular materials for rubber feet


  • Employed mainly for automobiles 
  • High resistance to heat

Manufacturing Methods

The process of making rubber feet undergoes a manufacturing procedure called molding. However, there are numerous types of completing this procedure. To have more overview, here are the rubber feet-producing methods. 

  1. Rubber Compression. It’s a process that involves heat for curing rubber, which is put into mold cavity and core manually. Here takes the place of molding and removing excess materials when finalized in shape.
  2. Injection molding.The process of injecting rubber to mold cavity and core automatically. After completing its procedure, rubber feet on the mold are ready to be taken.
  3. Rubber Transfer Molding. This method of producing rubber feet will fill a pot with rubber material. Then, it enters through an aperture for molding. You can open the mold to get the final rubber feet.
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