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Rubber bellows are used for compressible and flexible components with a coil-like structure. They have a lot of purposes including protecting mechanical parts from moisture, dust, etc.

Lindas manufactures all kinds of bellows such as tapered, flanged, double cuff expansion, and many other types. We also offer these bellows in a variety of outer diameters ranging from 10mm up to 800mm. To meet your exact requirements, we can customize the bellows to your required sizes, designs, materials, and other configurations. We also offer bellows that comply with the FDA standards.

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Variety of Materials


EPDM bellows have high durability and good elastic characteristics. They are resistant to abrasion, tearing, and temperatures.


Fluoroelastomer or FKM bellows are recognized for their excellent resistance to chemicals. They are also resistant to flame, weathering, and ozone.

Natural Rubber
Natural Rubber

Bellows made from natural rubber have good tear strength and tensile strength. Moreover, they have excellent durability and flexibility.


Nitrile or NBR bellows have good tensile strength and abrasion resistance. They are also resistant to solvents and oils.


Neoprene bellows have good tear resistance, elongation resistance, and tensile strength. They also have high resistance to weather, ozone, and sunlight.


Bellows made from silicone rubber feature great rebound resilience. They also have excellent resistance to various temperatures.

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Why Choose Us

Lindas is an IATF16949-certified and ISO-certified manufacturer that offers standard and custom rubber bellows. We manufacture them from high-grade rubber materials and ensure they meet the highest quality standards. As a professional bellow manufacturer, we also offer:

  • Competitive prices
  • Fast delivery
  • Engineering support
  • FEA analysis
  • CAD/CAM analysis
  • Fast response
  • Excellent after-sales services

Production Process

Rubber bellows are produced by different manufacturing processes such as:


We have compression, transfer, and injection molding to produce bellows in various sizes and shapes.

Fabric Reinforcing

To produce bellows with added protection and strength, they can be fabric-reinforced.

Rubber Bellow Advantages

Absorbs vibration & shocks

Due to their elastomeric qualities, rubber bellows can absorb shocks produced by sudden stops or starts. They can also lessen vibrations since they have excellent dampening properties. These bellows also serve as a barrier. They can improve stability and lowers vibration noise transmission.

Moreover, these bellows are used as a cushion between objects. They can prevent equipment from tearing and wearing.

Excellent Resistance to Weather & Temperature Changes

The rubber bellows are strong and can survive harsh weather conditions without losing function. They provide great defense from pollutants including salt spray, moisture, and dust that could otherwise damage delicate equipment.

High Durability & Flexibility

Bellows made of rubber are exceptionally strong and flexible. They can be extended or compressed without breaking. Also, they can still provide tight sealing in extremely high or low temperatures. Moreover, due to their flexibility, they can be utilized as protective covers or conduits for compressors. With continuous use, the bellows can have very long years of lifespan.

The bellows are also resistant to various environmental elements including:

  • snow
  • splatter
  • mud

Wide Range of Applications

Air Conditioning System

Rubber bellows absorb vibration and thermal expansion in AC or HVAC systems. They act as shock absorbers and reduce vibrations. Due to that, the life of fans, bearings, and other components of the AC will be extended.

Also, the bellows can give tight seals for AC systems and keep them from contaminants such as dust. They can prevent the leakage of toxic gases. While preventing leakage, they can also let the air freely flow into the combustion chamber of the engine.

Suspension System

For suspension system applications, bellows have two main functions which include:

  • shock absorption from impacts and vibration
  • supporting the components of suspension systems

Due to the flexibility of the bellows, they can move along with the suspension systems while it is in use. They can also protect internal components from corrosion due to external factors such as dust.

Bellows made from rubber also offer better insulation than metal housings. They can maintain a tight seal while dampening noise. Therefore, they are suitable for suspension systems and other applications that need noise control.

Brake System

Bellows are crucial to brake systems. They connect the suspension system parts and the vehicle’s brakes. These bellows have cushioning effects that help to keep the brakes running smoothly and with reduced vibration.

Due to their compressibility and superior sealing properties, they can prevent moisture and road debris from getting into the brake system.

Piping System

In many piping and ductwork systems, bellows act as an expansion joint. They are used for accommodating:

  • pressure
  • temperature
  • movement


The bellows are used for removing vibration in:

  • condensers
  • water pumps
  • mechanical systems
  • sub-assemblies of equipment

Rubber bellows are also used for preventing leaks and sealing gaps in various industries including:

  • electronics
  • defense
  • transportation
  • construction
  • healthcare & pharmaceutical
  • aerospace
  • industrial
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