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Medical Rubber Stopper

Medical stoppers or also referred to as bungs or closures. They can prevent liquid and gas from leaking during storage or lab experiment. Moreover, they are used to protect the samples from contamination.

  • Medical-grade rubber
  • Fluid-proof & air-proof
  • Provides tight sealing
  • Compatible with drug


Your Professional Medical Rubber Stoppers Manufacturer | Lindas

Lindas offers a wide range of medical stoppers including flanged, T-shaped, tapered, and other kinds of medical stoppers. They have been supplied to many countries around the world. We manufacture these stoppers from high-grade rubber materials. Natural or synthetic rubbers can be used.

We also offer custom medical stoppers for your special needs. The stoppers can be customized to as per your designed shape, material, size, and other options.

To ensure your satisfaction, we can provide with fast delivery, reasonable prices, excellent customer support, and other services. Contact us now!

Why Choose Us

Safe & Non-Toxic

Our medical stoppers are guaranteed to be free of mercury, lead, arsenic, and other harmful substances.


We manufacture medical stoppers that comply with the USP, CP, and EP. They also meet the ISO  standards which are required for medical equipment.

Quality Control

Our manufacturing process is supervised strictly by our QA team. All of our medical stoppers are tested and inspected to ensure they meet quality and safety requirements.

Medical Stopper

Different Types of Medical Stoppers

We offer different types of medical stoppers such as:

  • Oral Liquid Rubber Stopper
  • Freeze-Dried Stopper
  • Syringe Stopper
  • Pharmaceutical Vial Stopper
  • Antibiotic Stopper
  • Biological Drug Rubber Stopper
  • Infusion Stopper
  • Laminated Stopper
  • Lyophilization Stopper
  • Others

Wide Range of Applications

The rubber stoppers can be used for sealing lab equipment or containers like:

  • Jugs
  • Flasks
  • Test tubes
  • Plastic or glass bottle containers

They are widely used in:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Laboratories
  • Commercial use
  • Medical industry
  • Industrial market
  • Food & beverage
  • Other medical and healthcare applications
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One Stop Rubber Product Manufacturing

  • Good and steady material supply chain both at home and abroad
  • Self-developed rubber compounds due to customer demands
  • Automatic rubber milling system to ensure steady quality control
  • Rubber Compression & injection,LSR Injection, extrusion capability available
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