• Lead Rubber Bearing
  • Lead Rubber Bearing
  • Lead Rubber Bearing
  • Lead Rubber Bearing
  • Lead Rubber Bearing
  • Lead Rubber Bearing
  • Lead Rubber Bearing
  • Lead Rubber Bearing
  • Lead Rubber Bearing
  • Lead Rubber Bearing

Lead Rubber Bearing

Lindas lead rubber bearings are generally made from high-quality natural rubber, possessing high flexibility and durability. This kind of component has a working principle to limit the transmission of energy coming from ground to the structure. Therefore, it has the full-potential to maintain and prolong the building’s structural period. That is why it has become one of the best choices for construction and engineering. 

  • More than 15% damping coefficient.
  • Rubber in the isolator, which is laterally very soft but has higher vertical stiffness.
  • Decreases building’s acceleration and vibration.

Your Trusted Lead Rubber Bearing Manufacturer

In China, Lindas is a specialist for manufacturing lead rubber bearing. As of now, we are acknowledged as one of the largest suppliers of rubber products in global countries and regions.

We centrally provide a variety of lead rubber bearings. Our company had a strong R&D and engineering team who responsibly offers customization and value-added services. In order to meet your particular scheme, all products are custom-made which are available in various designs, sizes, materials, and configuration you desire. 

As your leading manufacturer, Lindas ensures that all lead rubber bearings are 100% quality original. Every piece of our products are processed in accordance with strict quality control, ensuring that it will exceed your standard satisfactions and expectations.

So if you want to make a custom order, please feel free to reach Lindas anytime!

Components of a Lead Rubber Bearing's Structure

Our lead rubber bearings come in a variety of configurations and include the following parts:

  1. Above a steel plate for attaching
  2. Steel plate for the top seal
  3. Core of lead
  4. Cover rubber
  5. Laminated elastomeric pad
  6. Steel bottom seal
  7. Steel plate for the bottom connection
Lead rubber bearing

Rubber with Lead Bearing Components

RUBBER – 100% natural rubber that has been examined and certified to meet the EN standard and serves as the isolator’s elastomer.

SHIM PLATES – constructed using rolled carbon steel that conforms to the ASTM standard.

LEAD – established by chemical inspections that validate 99.99% minimum lead purity.

Best Qualities of Lead Rubber Bearing’s

–  Easy setup and renewal for less expensive upkeep.

– Outstanding vertical loading capacity and constant vertical stiffness.

– A vibration cycle of 1.5 to 3 seconds is possible.

– Outstanding resilience to acid and alkali as well as tiredness from repeated cycling.

– Adaptable in the horizontal axis, but powerful and unyielding in the vertical axis.

– Given the strong elastomeric force of rubber, keep the structures in their original positions and shapes.

– An impressive 5 to 2000-ton vertical load capacity.

– The choice to modify the lead plug count in order to alter the dampening percentage.

– Prolonged life. Durability lifespan of 60 to 80 years.


To reduce damage from dynamic stresses like earthquakes, lead rubber bearings are used. 

The primary component of a seismic isolation system is frequently used on big structures like bridges over roads, railroads, and buildings as well as nuclear power plants.

Rubber Bearing with Lead Specification

– There are three shear modes: 0.8 MPa, 1.0 MPa, and 1.2 MPa.

– Operating temperatures are between 25 and 60 °C.

– The existence of one or more lead cores.

– Forms that are round and rectangular.

– Technical aptitude marker.

  • Bearing specs for rectangular lead rubber.
  • Spec for a round lead rubber bearing.
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