Foam Rubber Products

Foam Rubber Products

Foam Rubber Products

Lindas foam rubber products are made from our unique rubber material with a small air matrix within its structure. Also called expanded rubber or cellular rubber, Lindas foam rubbers are made from either natural rubber or synthetic rubbers. Our foam rubber products are popular for their endurance, reliability, and exceptional performance.

As a leading foam rubber products manufacturer in China, we can mix different elastomers meeting the dynamic needs in foam rubber products.

Lindas Material for Foam Rubber Products

We have formulated our cellular rubber to offer unlimited possibilities. Whether you are looking for the best performance to versatility, Lindas foam rubber features high-grade materials such as neoprene, EPDM, and SBR, alongside different rubber material blends.

At Lindas, we introduce a special gas called foaming agent to make high-grade foam rubber thereby achieving unlimited possibilities. Our manufacturing does not alter the desirable properties of rubber material.

Where to use Foam Rubber

Our foam rubber products are suitable for many industrial and home applications. Apart from the finished foam rubber products, you can get foam rubber sheets.

Our rubber products are suitable for foam rubber saddles, foam rubber gaskets, foam rubber sheets, foam rubber shoes, foam rubber strips, and foam rubber rings. At Lindas, we provide fully finished foam rubber products or stock foam rubber sheets for further processing.

One Stop Rubber Product Manufacturing

  • Good and steady material supply chain both at home and abroad
  • Self-developed rubber compounds due to customer demands
  • Automatic rubber milling system to ensure steady quality control
  • Rubber Compression & injection,LSR Injection, extrusion capability available
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