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Foam Gasket

LINDAS manufactures a comprehensive range of foam gaskets. We have soft and firm foam gaskets with resistance to temperature and chemicals.

  • Made from superior quality materials
  • Low water absorption rate
  • Closed cell, cross-linked structure
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Vibration absorption
  • Impact resistance
  • Mild oil resistance
  • Thermal insulation properties

LINDAS – Reliable Foam Gasket Manufacturer in China

Our foam gaskets are manufactured with excellent mechanical properties and resistance to different factors. Foam gaskets are odorless and possess better compression. Thus, you can ensure its versatility and flexibility in every application.

At LINDAS, we offer foam gaskets in different standard sizes and colors. We can also manufacture custom-made foam gaskets to meet your specific needs. If you need an OEM foam gasket, LINDAS is your best supplier. Please send us your inquiries today!

Common Applications

Weatherproofing. Our foam gaskets are perfect for weatherproofing applications due to their resistance against aging, low temperature, UV, and weathering.

Automotive. Due to its closed seal structure, our foam gaskets can provide an excellent sealing property. Its superior structure combined with resistance against chemicals makes them suitable for vehicle interior applications.

Foam Gasket

Different Foam Gasket Materials


These materials are characterized by their flexibility, closed-cell foam, and black color. They are commonly used for drinking water applications. Its thickness ranges from 1mm to 8mm and sheet size up to 10mm.

Neoprene Foam

Neoprene foam offers excellent chemical inertia. It is also called polychloroprene.

Nitrile Foam

Nitrile foam or NBR rubber or Buna-N is characterized by its excellent resistance to chemicals, fuels, and oils.

Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene foam exhibits good chemical resistance including acetate acid, ammonium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, glycerin, and glycol.

Silicone Foam

Gaskets made from silicone foam possess excellent chemical inertia. These are FDA approved making them ideal for food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Viton Foam

Foam gaskets made from Viton is commonly used for sealing applications against splash, moisture, and dust.

Benefits of Foam Gaskets

  • Wide operating temperature
  • Water sealing
  • Dust sealing
  • Compression set resistance
  • UV and ozone resistance
  • UL gasketing
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