• Flat Rubber Gasket
  • Flat Rubber Gasket
  • Flat Rubber Gasket
  • Flat Rubber Gasket
  • Flat Rubber Gasket
  • Flat Rubber Gasket
  • Flat Rubber Gasket
  • Flat Rubber Gasket
  • Flat Rubber Gasket
  • Flat Rubber Gasket

Flat Rubber Gaskets

Lindas flat rubber gaskets are mechanical sealing without any protrusion on their surface. We have designed these gaskets to provide reliable static sealing between mating surfaces for zero leakage. Our flat rubber gaskets guarantee:

  • Leak-proof sealing
  • Seamless sealing solution
  • Durability and easy installation
  • Vibration resistance

Lindas | Flat Rubber Gasket Manufacturer

With years of experience in OEM flat rubber gasket manufacturing, Lindas has supported many businesses with high-quality rubber sealing accessories. Whether you are working with smooth or slightly uneven surfaces, Lindas flat rubber sealers offer reliable connections.

Use of Flat Rubber Seals

Connecting Piping Systems – Lindas rubber gaskets offer a secure and reliable sealing mechanism for zero leakages in the pipeline.

Connecting Pipes and Fittings – With Lindas flat rubber sealing mechanisms, you can connect valves or any other fitting to the pipeline without any possible leakages.

Compensate for Uneven Surfaces – When two mating surfaces are not smooth, the slightly uneven sections may compromise the integrity of the joint. That’s where Lindas rubber seals compensate for the uneven surface to offer tight sealing.

Flat Rubber Gasket Materials

At Lindas, we offer many material options depending on your specific sealing applications. You can choose:

  • Neoprene rubber gasket
  • Nitrile rubber gasket
  • EPDM rubber gasket
  • Silicone rubber gasket
  • SBR rubber gasket

We have a useful guide that will help you choose suitable flat rubber gasket material. Lindas considers resistance to solutions, heat, harsh weather conditions, low and high temperatures, among other performance features.

Lindas Rubber Gasket Designed Configurations

Our rubber gaskets come in standard sizes such as 1-inch flat rubber gaskets, and 2 in flat rubber gaskets, among other custom options available. Additionally, Lindas offers different shapes upon request such as flat round rubber gaskets, and flat rectangular rubber gaskets.

When it comes to flat rubber gaskets price competitiveness, Lindas is your No.1 partner. We control quality and prices due to the wide range of manufacturing capabilities. Depending on your unique requirements, Lindas can adopt hand-cutting, die-cutting, or strip-cutting techniques.

For your specialized flat rubber gasket applications, Lindas uses molding or extrusion techniques. With diversified manufacturing techniques, you are always guaranteed the best flat rubber gaskets. Our team will help you throughout the entire flat rubber gasket design process.

If you want to make your seals, Lindas has an option for flat sheet rubber material at competitive prices. For high-demanding applications, Lindas reinforced flat ring rubber gaskets offer optimal performance.

Contact Lindas today, for all your best flat rubber gasket solutions.

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