• Flanged Rubber Bellows
  • Flanged Rubber Bellows
  • Flanged Rubber Bellows
  • Flanged Rubber Bellows
  • Flanged Rubber Bellows
  • Flanged Rubber Bellows
  • Flanged Rubber Bellows
  • Flanged Rubber Bellows
  • Flanged Rubber Bellows
  • Flanged Rubber Bellows

Flanged Rubber Bellows

Lindas manufactures flanged rubber bellows, featuring noise- and vibration-reducing characteristics. Using high-quality rubbers, we carefully designed these types of bellows to the highest degree of safety, accuracy, and performance. It provides durable and reliable support to facilitate the efficient movement of pipelines without causing damage to the system or equipment.

  • Easy to install
  • Prolong the pipe system and equipment service life
  • Excellent flexibility
  • High resistance to working temperature and abrasions

Your Professional Flanged Rubber Bellows Manufacturer - Lindas

For over decades of operation, Lindas has always been known for our expertise and dedication as a manufacturer and supplier. Our company’s excellent reputation allows us to show the ability to perform competent R&D, logistics, and effective production solutions for industrial flange rubber bellows. 

Being a professional, we aim to exceed customers’ expectations by providing them exceptional customization support and services. We manufacture and supply defect-free range products based on your design specifications and requirements. 

So if you are looking for high-performance flange rubber bellows and other related components that fits within your budget, have a look at our exclusive offers. We can’t wait to work with you!Contact Lindas now!

Rubber Materials Used for Production

A range of our flanger rubber bellows are available in a choice of different rubber materials, including:

  • Butyl
  • EPDM
  • Hypalon
  • Neoprene
  • Nitrile
Rubber Materials Used for Production
SIZE RANGE 1.5” – 12” 14” – 24”
Operating Pressure up to 214 psi @ 100 Deg F up to 114 psi @ !10 Deg F
Operating Temp. Range (Neoprene) 14⁰-170⁰ F

(EPDM) 14⁰-210⁰ F 

(Neoprene) 14⁰-170⁰ F 

(EPDM) 14⁰-210⁰ F 

Burst Pressure 853 psi 340 psi

Benefits of Using Flanged Rubber Bellows

Increased burst endurance.

  • In comparison to other configurations, a structure of flanged rubber bellows is stronger.

Wide service spectrum.

  • Manufactured using synthetic butyl rubber, such as Neoprene.

Larger movements are possible.

  • There will be higher axial compression and elongation, deflection, and angular movements.

Appropriate for suction and deliveries.

  • Flanged rubber bellows can successfully endure suction and discharge due to their outstanding molding method and durable chemical fiber.

High-pressure low deformation.

  • All directions are subject to internal pressure, which equally distributes forces over a wide area.

Qualities of Flanged Rubber Bellows

  1. Massive movements
  2. Low load on the anchors
  3. Resistance to corrosion
  4. Elimination of sound and vibration
  5. A high temperature
  6. Lower cost of the materials
  7. Cheaper system design costs
  8. Lesser price of replacement

Application of Flanged Rubber Bellows

– Conditional air

– Systems for ventilation and heating

– Centralized and auxiliary power plants

– Waste removal

– Water treatment facilities

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  • Good and steady material supply chain both at home and abroad
  • Self-developed rubber compounds due to customer demands
  • Automatic rubber milling system to ensure steady quality control
  • Rubber Compression & injection,LSR Injection, extrusion capability available
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