Engine Mount Rubber Bushing

Lindas engine mount rubber bushing is specially designed to provide optimal safety and vibration isolation for all your engine mounts and other chassis parts. Our rubber engine mount bushing comes in standard and custom designs for different applications.

All Lindas engine bushings feature robust construction, with varying dimensions. Also, we have designed these rubber bushing engine mounts to withstand extreme temperature and pressure.

Functions of Lindas Engine Mount Rubber Bushing

Lindas rubber bushing guarantees long service time for the engine by:

  • Acting as anti-vibratory systems thereby protecting the engine from shock and disturbance
  • Help reduce annoying noise from the engine
  • Protect engine sections in direct contact with the chassis or transmission system from damage
  • Help keep the engine intact without any movements
  • “Cancels out” the imbalance loading effect

Applications of Engine Mount Rubber Bushing

Also referred to as transmission mounts or mounting, we have designed our vibration isolators for:

Engine Systems

Whether you are looking for rubber bushing for the car engine mount, airplane, train, ship, or generator, Linda’s rubber bushing offers superior vibration isolation and safety.

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Lindas Engine Mount Rubber Bushing Construction Design

Lindas produces many designs of anti-vibratory rubber mounts for engines. As a leading OEM engine mount rubber bushing manufacturer, Linda’s engineers will help conceptualize unique designs for your brand.

Our engine-mount rubber bushing consists of:

Round Rubber Body

Lindas uses high-quality rubbers that can withstand any energy due to vibrations and shock. At the moment, Lindas offers four main rubber options as your engine mount materials:

Material for Rubber Engine Mount Bushing Properties and Recommended Application Area
Natural rubber for Engine Bushing ·         Our most popular material for engine rubber mounting

·         Test results show superior vibration absorption with exceptional rebound properties and resilience

·         Superior resistance to fluctuating temperature, most acids, water, tear, and abrasion

·         For certain applications, Lindas may recommend a fireproof coating due to its low flame resistance. Besides, natural rubber engine bushing does not offer better resistance to certain gases and ozone.

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) for Engine Bushing ·         Our EPDM engine mountings are known for their high tensile strength, abrasion, and tear resistance.

·         Lindas may recommend EPDM engine bushing material only for case-by-case applications. The material has low resistance to both acids and oils so it may not perform well in most engine rubber bushing applications.

Neoprene for Engine Bushing ·         Our neoprene engine bushing can withstand regular contact with fuel or oil.

·         Additionally, the neoprene bushing is resistant to water, acid, ozone, and flame. Additionally, these engine-mount rubber bushings can withstand fluctuating temperatures and high abrasion.

·         At Lindas, we recommend this for custom engine mounting as a perfect alternative for natural rubber engine bushing especially in oil-prone applications.

Silicone engine bushing ·         For engines exposed to high temperatures, Lindas recommends silicone engine mount rubber bushing. Silicone has superior temperature resistance properties.

·         However, silicone engine mount bushings are prone to abrasion and tear


For all your custom engine mounting rubber bush, Lindas engineers will help you choose suitable material for your clients.

Bonded Plate or Sleeve Bushing

Apart from our pure rubber engine mount bushing, we may include sleeve bushing, also called the bonded plate. This offers flexibility during installation while adding mechanical strength.

For the bonded plate, we use low-carbon steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Of course, if you need specific materials, Lindas engineers will advise accordingly.

Upon request, the Lindas development team will coordinate with you in case you require more features for your brand identity. At Lindas, we have pioneered many engine mount rubber bushing brands in the market – talk to our team now.

Connection Bolt

Our engine rubber bushing has an inside diameter hole, with enough mounting face for easy installation. Lindas customizes the hole size depending on your specific requirements. Through the connection bolt hole, you can mount our engine rubber bushing to your transmission system, or support structure.


When is Engine Mount Rubber Replacement Necessary?

Whether you choose natural rubber engine bushing, which is the most durable, at some point you may require replacement. From our lab reports, the following scenarios are indications engine mount rubber replacement is necessary:

  • Abnormally high vibrations from the engine
  • High level of noise from the engine section
  • Engine movement and shift from the normal engine position
  • Signs of damage to the engine
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