• Car Rubber Grommet
  • Car Rubber Grommet
  • Car Rubber Grommet
  • Car Rubber Grommet
  • Car Rubber Grommet
  • Car Rubber Grommet
  • Car Rubber Grommet
  • Car Rubber Grommet
  • Car Rubber Grommet
  • Car Rubber Grommet

Rubber Grommet for Car

Car rubber grommets are also known as automotive rubber grommet. It is designed to protect cables and components from mechanical damage. It is usually small in size and fits in holes to provide a non-abrasive surface.

  • Abrasion-Proof
  • Highly Tear-Resistant
  • Flame-Resistant
  • Resistance to low and high temperature

Car Rubber Grommet Manufacturer in China

Lindas is more than ten years of providing rubber grommets in automotive industries. We stock thousands of rubber grommets for cars in different sizes, shapes, and material selections.

Lindas is a professional car rubber grommet manufacturer in China. Our ODM and OEM work is in the expansion of custom car rubber grommets of various materials. We have an expert engineering team to design your automotive rubber grommet and provide product geometry analysis.

At Lindas, prompt delivery time for all your grommet orders is guaranteed! Contact us for inquiries!

Why Choose Lindas Rubber Grommet for Car

  • State-of-the-art mold processing technology – it ensures accurate dimensions of rubber grommets
  • Full inspection for each grommet
  • We can give you advice on material selection to assist severe-service conditions.
  • Lindas has rich experience in supplying car rubber grommets to the world’s leading automakers.
  • We can provide pre-lubricated grommets
  • Supports CAD drawing, prototyping, and worldwide logistics management

Different Types of Car Rubber Grommets

Edge Grommets

Edge grommets are widely used to secure cables for longer runs. Lindas provides these grommets as steady strips. Available in different lengths and sizes to match your applications.

Strain Relief Grommets

This type of grommet is well suited for strain-relief applications. The purpose of this grommet is to securely anchor and grip the line and cable that passes through. Therefore, strain-relief grommets relieve stresses corresponding with flexing, twisting, or pulling.

Sleeved Grommets

The sleeved grommet comes with a flexible tapered sleeve. It fully encapsulates and surrounds a cable and wire. Due to its flexibility, the encapsulated wire will be candidly flexed. Thus, it can prevent breakage.

Main Rubber Materials for Car Rubber Grommet

Nitrile Rubber Grommet

It has outstanding characteristics of being alkaline oil-resistant. These grommets have up to 100 degrees Celsius of working temperature.

EPDM Rubber Grommet

Properties: Anti-zone, weather-resistant, tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and electric insulation.

Working Temperature: Min. 45°C to 150°C

Silicone Rubber Grommet

Properties: alkali- and acid-resistant, weather-resistant, food grade

Working Temperature: Min. 40°C to 230°C

Fluoro-Silicone Rubber Grommet

Properties: Excellent mechanical properties, petroleum basic fluid, and organic solvent resistant

Neoprene Silicone Rubber Grommet

Properties: Weather-resistant and oil-resistant

Viton & Flouro-Rubber Grommet

Properties: oil-resistant and extreme weather-resistant up to 200°C

Different Shapes of Automotive Rubber Grommet We Can Offer

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Oblong
  • Open Rubber
  • Closed and Blind Rubber
  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Blanking
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